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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you allow kids in the Taproom and Cider House Downtown?

A: Kids are not allowed under Idaho Law into the Cider House Downtown BUT kids of all ages are welcome in our taproom on Chinden. We have water, root beer, apple juice, and kombucha as non-alcoholic alternatives for them! As well as a variety of games. We do ask you to keep them by your side as a courtesy to our other guests. 


Q: Do you have food at the Taproom or Cider House?

A: No, we don't have food on-sight but bringing in outside food is highly encouraged! We do have occasional food trucks, but mostly during big events only. 


Q: Do you fill growlers?

A: Yes! We fill outside growlers as well as selling our own Meriwether Cider branded growlers in 64oz and 32oz varieties at the Taproom on Chinden and our Cider House downtown!


Q: Do you allow dogs in your taproom and Cider House?

A: Dogs are allowed inside and outside at the Taproom and on the patio at the Cider House! We even have an Instagram dedicated to Meriwether Dogs called @dogsofmeriwether 


Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes! Come into the Taproom or Cider House anytime and pick one up! Or order one to be mailed at


Q: Can you donate to my charity?

A: Possibly! Fill out the "Donation Request Form". If we can fulfill your request we will be in touch!

*Note, if you do not hear back from us, that means we are unable to assist at this time*


Q: Do you sell outside of Idaho?

A: We do not have any accounts outside of Idaho but we do ship to 39 different states for personal consumption go to our "Shipping Page" to order your cider today!


Q: What are the Cider Crews and how do I sign up?

A: Cider Crews are a way to become a part of our awesome cider community! Learn more at our Cider Crews Page or email our Cider Crew Manager Kevin at


Q: I have a restaurant/bar/bottle shop and would like to carry your cider, how do I do that?

A: Wonderful! Visit our Wholesale section of the website (Email for the password to this section) 


Q: I'm hosting an event/fundraiser/cool idea, and would like Meriwether to be a part of it. Whom do I talk to about that?

A: Email to explain your event and they'll work out what we can do!

Q: Can we return your bottles or 6-pack holders to you to reuse?

A: We super appreciate your environmental consciousness! WE DO take ANY 6-pack & 4-pack holders you have laying around the house (they don't even have to be from our products!) and use them again for our Meri Spritzer line! Sadly, that is not the case for bottles as we would have to own an industrial sanitizer machine that is currently out of our budget so we are unable to accept returned bottles but we do hope you are able to find a reuse for them! 

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