All profits from Jupiter’s Cider will go directly to the IBHM to fund their work in supporting the unique cultural fabric of Idaho by telling the often overlooked history of Black Idahoans.

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Jupiter’s Cider is a partnership between  Meriwether Cider and the Idaho Black History Museum (IBHM) to pay homage to the enslaved people who contributed greatly to the beginnings of cider making in America.


The cider’s name is based on Jupiter Evans, an enslaved man belonging to Thomas Jefferson. Evans was an integral part of Jefferson’s household and was in charge of the very precise and important work of overseeing the apple-crushing, pressing, and cider-making at Monticello.


With this cider Meriwether hopes to pay tribute to a fellow cider-maker whose history should never be forgotten.


Jupiter’s Cider is a single-varietal made from Newtown Pippin apples, the same apples Evan’s would have used at Monticello during his lifetime. It is a semi-dry “Pét-Nat” style cider, meaning it has undergone secondary fermentation in-bottle to produce small delicate champagne-like bubbles.

You can purchase this cider at both Meriwether locations, pre-purchase for pickup HERE or if you're from out of town we can ship it to you HERE

To watch a news segment featuring Phillip Thompson (Director of IBHM) and Molly Leadbetter (Owner of Meriwether Cider) speaking about this cider and this project CLICK HERE