Meriwether Cider is committed to giving back to the community. That's why we created Let's Do Good a program that focuses on a different local non-profit every quarter and works with them to raise funds and awareness for their mission. 

Our October-December partner is Idaho Rivers United! 

Idaho Rivers United is an incredible organization that works to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho, focusing heavily on the ecological integrity of Idaho rivers and citizen involvement.

The staff of Meriwether voted on IRU to be part of "Let's Do Good" because we are all passionate about getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty of (in our opinion) the best state in the country. Some of the most spectacular parts of Idaho are the clear, beautiful, ecologically sustaining rivers that run through so much of this beautiful state. We love IRU's commitment to not only to protecting this incredibly important resource and integral part of what it is to be part of Idaho but also introducing education and volunteer opportunities to the community to bring the work of protection to all of us.

900 Mile Cider Spritzer
Named for the 900-mile journey Idaho's wild salmon make TWICE in their lifetime from Idaho's Stanley Basin to the pacific ocean AND BACK to spawn. It's a difficult journey made all the more difficult by dams impacting the rivers. These dams lead to many of the salmon dying well before their spawning grounds.
One of IRU's projects is working closely with other environmental agencies to find solutions to the near extinction of Idaho's wild salmon due to dams.
100% of proceeds from the sale of the 900 Mile Cider Spritzer will go directly to Idaho Rivers United.

The 900 Mile Cider Spritzer is a grapefruit hopped spritzer made with Chinook, Cascade, and Citra hops. It's light, refreshing, and best enjoyed by your favorite Idaho river.

To learn more about Idaho's wild salmon go to