Choose your adventure and join a Crew!


Introducing Cider Crews! the best way to become part of the Meriwether Cider community.

Similar to a Wine Club, being a member of our Cider Crew gets you incentive pricing on bottles of your favorite Meriwether ciders, invitations to Crew Release parties and events, crew pricing on merchandise, space rental, complimentary flights, and more!

**There is NO FEE (upfront or monthly!) for joining a Crew. To maintain your Crew Membership all you need is to commit to buy a certain number of bottles in the calendar year!

Releases happen Spring and Fall, each release comes with an invite to a fun party!***

Meriwether Bottles can be shipped or picked up locally!

Crew Choices:


Lead hammer

The lead hammer represents the origins of the Leadbetter name (way back when our distant relatives were “Lead Beaters” the folks who worked with lead) and when you’re on the Lead Hammer Crew you are family!

This crew is for the diehard fans: folks who love to hang out at the Taproom and Cider House and know every seasonal flavor by heart. When you’re in this Crew you’ll never be lacking for a bottle at home.

Lead Hammer_edited.png
Lead Hammer_edited_edited.png

crew commitment:

Purchase two cases (12) of cider anytime in the calendar year, member’s choice

Estimated Cost Per Case $76-$130


15% off all case purchases

10% off additional bottle purchases throughout the year

1 complimentary 5 pour flight per month

20% off Meriwether merch

10% off private event space rental at Cider House



Hatchet is our most popular Crew. Hatchet Crew Members are Meriwether fans through and through, and we’d go adventuring with you any day! This Crew is great for anyone who spends time in the Taproom or Cider House and loves to have a nice stockpile of bottles on hand and in case of spontaneous parties or unexpected adventures.


crew commitment:

6 bottle allotments 

released twice a year in spring and fall, cidermaker’s choice

Estimated Cost Per allotment $41-$70


10% off bottles in crew allotment

10% off additional bottle purchases throughout the year

1 complimentary 5 pour flight per month

20% off Meriwether merch



Want to just dip your toes into being a Crew member? This one is for you! Compass Crew members get all the fun without too much of a financial commitment, if you LOVE it (you will!) you can jump into one of the other Crews at any time.

crew commitment:

3 bottle allotment twice a year in spring and fall, cidermaker’s choice

Estimated Cost Per allotment $21-$35


10% off bottles in allotment

Must be a member of Lead Hammer, Hatchet, or Compass to add Explorer membership



Do you love Meriwether? Of course you do! But you’re an explorer at heart, and the cider world is huge and uncharted and you hear it calling your name. Answer the call and join the Explorer Crew! We at Meriwether LOVE cider, and we drink lots of it from all over the world, and we want to share that experience with you. Throughout the year we will pick our favorite bottles of cider we’ve had, package them up, and put them in your hands. This is a great way to try different ciders from all over the globe that have been hand-selected and are AMAZING.

*This Crew is only for folks who are able to pick up their bottles locally, as we CANNOT ship non-Meriwether bottles*

crew commitment:

3 bottle allotment of non-Meriwether cider twice a year in spring and fall, cidermaker’s choice

Estimated Cost Per allotment: $market value on selected bottles


10% off bottles in allotment


Benefits for ALL Crew members:

● All crew members are invited to all pick-up parties and events, and receive discounts on ticket sales

● All crew member benefits apply at the Tap Room and Cider House; bottle discounts apply at Farmers Market



Fine Print:

● We are so excited for you to join our Crew, and want you to stay with us indefinitely! However, if you do need to cancel your crew, just reach out to us through email ( 30 days before the next release party
● We get that you might not be able to make our parties - not to worry! We will hold your cider at the Taproom (Garden City) for 60 days. After that, we will mail your cider to you (we are that excited for you to have it!) The card on file will be charged a shipping fee.
● We hang out at the Farmer’s Markets, and we know that you do too. If you want to pick up your Cider Crew allotment at the market, just reach out to us through email ( Please 
just give us 3 days’ notice, so we can make sure your cider is ready for you! 
● We pick bottles for our Crew members that we think they will love. However, if you want to switch a bottle from your allotment, you can! You can exchange bottles in your allotment for another bottle of your choice (equal or greater value)!
● There are a couple of ways to get started with the Crew! Crew members can purchase the last allotment, or select their own bottles (Ex: Hatchet Crew purchases 6 bottles)!